Sports Betting

Sports betting is the act of predicting results of different sports events and placing wagers on the possible outcomes. The frequency and extent of sports bets may vary from culture to culture and country to country. Furthermore, sports betting doesn’t necessarily stay restricted to the athletic events and may extend to the nonathletic events too, for instance political elections, reality shows and nonhuman contests like horse racing and others. People indulging in sports betting normally place their wagers through legal sports books or bookmakers. The term book often used in this regard refers to the books maintained by bookmakers, in order to keep track of their debts, payouts and wagers.
In the modern day, a large majority of legal bookmakers are found on the Internet, for instance in the form of an online casino such as the Bet365 casino, and usually operate from jurisdictions separate from the bettors they serve. In most cases, these sports books accept bets on an upfront basis, implying that the bettor must make the payment before having his/her bet placed. In case you’re looking for details regarding all the best casinos and bookmakers operating on the internet, as well as comprehensive analysis and comparison of each one of them, this website is a must-visit for you.
Before we start learning about how to get going in the sports betting field, please keep in mind that merely taking a crash course in this discipline will not turn you into a sports betting guru overnight! Nevertheless, it’s always good to begin your online betting career equipped with a certain amount of basic info about this industry. Then once you’re thorough with all the basics, you can register at any reputed online bookmaker or online casino (which accepts bets, for example the Bet365 casino) and start making real live bets.
Please note that learning and mastering sports betting requires a good amount of experience, research and time, none of which you can gather by simply reading a few sports betting articles. You must actually get down into the field and get your hands dirty! On the other hand, learning about some sports betting tips and mastering its basics can give you a good head start and help you avoid feeling like a complete newbie when starting out.

Start by learning the language of sports betting
The first thing you must do is go online and get hold of a comprehensive list of all the different sports betting terms. Getting acquainted with sports betting jargon and the commonly used betting terms by bettors can be likened to learning crawling before actually getting up and starting walking! Hence, getting your head around the basic terminologies of sports betting is equally important as actually learning how to bet on different sporting events itself.

Learn the art of handicapping games
One of the main ingredients of a smart betting strategy is the ability of a bettor to gather as much information as possible about the particular sport he/she is interested in. However, please note this isn’t the only thing you’ll need to become a good sports bettor. There is much more! Handicapping games is a lot about comprehensively analyzing players on every team, studying their prior performances, going over detailed statistics of both/all teams and much more. You may find yourself ahead of the flock if you have a good understanding of things like how emotional factors, downtime, injuries, home field advantage etc. can impact the games’ outcomes.
As handicapping is something that takes a considerable amount of time to learn and master, indulging in sports betting can be compared to how a marathon relates to a 100 yard sprint. The reality is that it isn’t easy to win consistently and earn a handsome profit every time. One of the reasons for this is the juice or margin scored by bookmakers on every bet. Furthermore, there is a large amount of parity in the collegiate and professional leagues.
Your knowledge of a particular sport and your skill of effectively managing your bankroll (using plenty of discipline and patience) can go a long way in improving your chances of becoming a long-term successful sports bettor. Learning and mastering game handicapping involves constantly staying abreast of the developments related to a particular sports event. You need to constantly monitor team lineup changes, suspensions, personnel changes (owing to injuries), how the betting line moves through a particular week, weather conditions and any specific factor which can impact the outcome of the event/game.

Learn the art of shopping for lines
Far more important than learning to handicap games is developing an ability to shop for profitable lines. One of the ways of finding cheapest bets is by opening and maintaining accounts at different bookmakers. In fact, many a times a website that may position itself as an online casino, may also actually be providing bookmaking facilities, for instance, the Bet365 casino. You must find out all such reputed bookmakers and register with them. On a side note, you must definitely visit if you’re looking for detailed information regarding online casino and bookmaking services offered by Bet365. You’ll also find all their current bonus details here.
You’ll get restricted to merely one set of line you can pick from if you maintain just one single sports book account. A good majority of sports betting specialists believe that finding cheapest lines is much more important than handicapping games.

Sports betting Dos and Don’ts

Never put a lot of value on the angles provided by touts and team trends – When it comes to sports betting, what happened previous week usually has little or no impact on the happenings of the present week! The so-called advice offered by sports betting touts, regardless of whether it’s coming from free or paid newsletters, is rarely any better than information you can easily gather by carrying out some simple online research.
Don’t be afraid of letting a wager pass – Sports bettors who’ve proved their mettle in the long term are usually skilled in the art of passing up on wagers that may initially seem like smart picks, but are actually not so profitable. In most cases majority of games listed on a bookmaker’s card hold no actual value for the sports bettor. And if you’re serious about succeeding in sports betting, you must learn how to say no and never shy away from saying it.
Don’t be found wanting when it comes to knowledge of the concerned sport – You must constantly stay updated about the sport you’re interested in betting on. Do whatever you need to, but you should know about the concerned teams’ current starting lineups and things like injuries etc. like the back of your hand! A bet that may seem like a fairly high value bet can instantly turn into a bust because of the main striker’s knee injury. So, regularly watch sports channels, participate in online sports betting forums and follow almost all the teams involved in the sport you wish to bet on.
Never neglect the advice handed out by seasoned sports bettors at online/off-line gambling forums – If you’re a part of some good gambling forum in an off-line setup or on Internet, paying heed to the advice handed out by seasoned sports bettors can play a significant role in determining your long-term success in this field. Social media websites and online message boards often have seasoned sports bettors who regularly talk about the upcoming games/events and the chances of the teams involved. Placing wagers based on their advice can be sometimes the best strategy you can adopt. What more, you can meet and interact with people from all parts of the world this way and also gain a better insight into the contest you’re interested in. When it comes to regional games, accessing such free information from experts can be termed as the most optimum strategy. So, become a part of as many sports betting discussions and forums as possible and always stay on top of the game!

Do explore other avenues as well – You shouldn’t focus all your energies on sports betting alone and must also check out other gambling options such as slots, roulette, baccarat, craps, poker etc. at the popular online casinos. After all, it’s never good to put all your eggs in one basket. If you love slots in particular and want to learn about the best slot machines of the present times, visit
Always be willing to bet on a team that’s perceived bad by others – It’s important for sports bettors to constantly find bets that deliver the best value to them, and sometimes that involves going against a point spread involving a bad and a good team. Huge point spreads are usually considered high value bets, especially if it’s a struggling team playing against an unbeaten team of the tournament, and the spread has been set pretty unrealistically. You can often find best value bets by going against the conventional wisdom and betting on a team that may otherwise considered having no chance by others.
Do stay away from betting from heart – Staying away from betting from heart means that you shouldn’t get taken away by emotions and should avoid placing bets on teams that you’ve followed and loved since a long time (simply because you love them!). When it comes to sports betting, betting with your heart can often get you into major trouble as it can cloud your judgement and convince you to follow your bias towards a particular sports team. Since being successful in sports betting is a lot about consistently finding high value bets, avoiding betting on teams you have always loved often means that you are on the right track.
Do stay away from the nationally televised games – Talk to any seasoned and successful sports bettor and you’ll most likely find that he/she constantly looks for value in his/her bets rather than just focusing on hype. Sports books can quickly get behind games that are gaining national popularity and almost always clean them up by getting the better of punters who normally bet on clear favourites. In general, such nationally televised games feature inflated lines favouring the so-called better team or player. Hence, if you do decide to bet on such high-profile games/matches, you’d be better off putting your money on the underlines and underdogs.
Do take the advice handed out by sports news channels such as ESPN etc. with a huge grain of salt – When it comes to big sports news channels like ESPN, who report on sports events round-the-clock, they can’t do without giving an entertainment spin to their news stories. Majority of such channels hold no value for people who are serious about sports betting. If you wish to verify the validity of this advice, simply look at the past records of their reporters. You’d rarely find them breaching the 50% mark when it comes to successful picks.