About Turnmeondammit.com

Fans of the Norwegian coming-of-age comedy, Turn Me On, Dammit!, made this website (turnmeondammit.com) to inform fellow film lovers about this fantastic movie. This is not the official website for the movie, and we are not officially affiliated with the film. We decided to make this website for two primary reasons – first, many Americans do not always have the opportunity to learn about quality foreign films, and second, we believe this film tells an unique and important story.

Many Americans do not always keep up to date with films made around the world. The number of quality American films can overwhelm average movie fans, and navigating foreign films can become even more daunting. Additionally, most major publications do not feature foreign films in their reviews, and foreign films that do receive reviews often become overshadowed by better-known and more highly anticipated releases. The average film fan thus often must dig through Wikipedia and web archives in order to seek information about quality foreign films. Turnmeondammit.com therefore aims to provide a centralized source of information about Turn Me On, Dammit! to inform audiences outside of Norway about the film.

Additionally, many of us are passionate about the film because of the unique and important story it tells. Many films – especially coming-of-age comedies – fail to portray female sexuality in a realistic and honest way. Turn Me On, Dammit!, however, breaks away from the norm and provides a refreshingly authentic take on female puberty and sexuality. The movie does not portray Alma as maniacal or unhinged; instead, she is simply a normal teenage girl dealing with pubescent hormones. This unique take on the classic coming-of-age comedy has inspired us to create this webpage to spread the word about Turn Me On, Dammit!.

Thank you for visiting!