Plot Summary

Turn Me On, Dammit! begins by introducing Alma, a 15 year old who is totally consumed by her hormonal desires, as she masturbates vigorously to a phone sex hotline. In her sex-consumed state, Alma seems to constantly fantasize about her crush, Artur, as well as anyone else who comes across her path. Alma lives in the small Norwegian town of Skoddeheimen with her single mom and best friends, Sara and Ingrid. Sara and Ingrid engage in their own forms of teenage rebellion throughout the movie; Sara chain smokes and writes letters to death row inmates in Texas, and Ingrid is obsessed with lip gloss and gossip. In the introduction, the film shows the girls flipping off the sign for Skoddeheimen, showing their teen angst and negative attitude toward their hometown.

Alma’s budding, seemingly out-of-control sexuality quickly lands herself in a world of trouble. When the girls attend a party with others from their school, Artur makes eyes at Alma and then presses his erect penis against her thigh. Thrilled, Alma rushes off to take care of herself in private and then tells her friends about Artur’s advance. However, because Ingrid also has a crush on Artur, she loudly doubts Alma’s story, and she asks Artur about the incident. Artur proceeds to deny his encounter with Alma, and Alma quickly becomes ostracized for lying about the incident, earning the nickname “Dick Alma.”

Alma’s troubles continue to mount when her mother opens their phone bill to discover the massive charges Alma has incurred by calling sex hotlines. Ashamed, Alma offers to pay her mother back by taking a job at a local convenience store. However, at her job, Alma pleasures herself with a roll of quarters while fantasizing about her boss, and she gets caught stealing a pornographic magazine. Alma’s boss confronts her mother about her problems at work, and her mother replies that Alma is “abnormal.” Furthermore, Alma’s bullying situation worsens to the point where Sara can no longer be seen with her in public. Because she is so overwhelmed by her isolation, Alma runs away briefly.

Like many teen runaways, Alma returns home, and when she arrives, her mother eventually welcomes her. Alma then decides to confront Artur about the incident at the party. Artur confesses to her and confirms that she did not make up the incident. He keeps his actions secret at first, but he then decides to do right by Alma and publicly tell the truth. Artur also confesses his attraction to Alma, and by the end of the movie, Alma introduces Artur to her mother.

Turn Me On, Dammit! thus shows how teenagers can make small incidents into major conflicts, and it cheekily tells the story of a girl and her budding sexuality. Throughout the movie, Alma is not portrayed as some kind of nymphomaniac or totally out of control, but she is simply a normal, sex-crazed teenager with a lack of impulse control.