Reviews of Turn Me On, Dammit!

Although the movie did not gain widespread popularity in the United States, Turn Me On, Dammit! received rave reviews from many well-known American websites and publications. Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie at 93%, and many individual users noted their appreciation for the film’s unique take on female sexuality and its refreshing honesty. Individual users continue to rate the film highly, noting similar themes.

Other major critics also enjoyed the movie’s honesty and unique perspective. Ben Walsh of The Independent simply states that Turn Me On Dammit! is “droll and refreshingly honest.” Likewise, The Hollywood Reporter calls the film “a heartwarming, occasionally hilarious portrayal of one girl’s question for satisfaction.” In a New York Times review titled “She Lets Her Sexuality Loose, and the Phone Bills Mount,” Jeannette Catsoulis notes the film’s unforced “gentle oddness,” stating that Alma is simply “unashamed to admit that girls get horny too.”

Similarly, Alexandra Molotkow of The Globe and Mail notes her appreciation of the film’s take on female sexuality. Giving the film three out of four stars, she writes:

“The sex [in the film] is not sensationalized, nor is anything eroticized beyond what’s appropriate to the narrative: Alma is not a nymphet, but a frustrated kid…For the most part, the characters look and behave as their real-life correlates would.”

Despite its low-budget production, Turn Me On, Dammit! successfully tells a heartwarming and honest story of a teenage girl struggling to get a grip on her sexuality. Alma’s misadventures show the audience the realities of puberty for teenage girls, making the film a refreshing take on the classic coming-of-age comedy.

Film Festivals and Awards
In addition to these positive reviews, Turn Me On, Dammit! was also featured at a number of film festivals and won a handful of independent film awards. Prior to the film’s box office release in 2011, it was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Zurich Film Festival, and the Stockholm International Film Festival. At the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, Jacobsen won the award for Best Screenplay, reflecting the hard work she put into composing Turn Me On, Dammit!’s screenplay. Additionally, the film won Best Cinematography and Best Norwegian Film in Theatrical Release at the 2012 Amanda Awards. The film was also featured at the International Rome Film Festival in 2011, where it won the Independent Distribution Award for Best Debut Film; the 2011 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, where Jannicke Systad Jacobsen was featured as one of Variety’s Ten European Directors to Watch; and the 2012 Mons International Love Festival in Belgium, where it won Best European First Feature.