Sports Betting

Sports Betting Tactics & Strategies

Following are some important sports betting tactics and strategies that can help you consistently profit from your bets:

Bankroll management
This is one particular discipline which is of extreme importance in any sports betting endeavour. You must learn how to set aside a certain amount of money, called your bankroll, to constantly maintain a total gambling budget. Although it’s right that you must never use your grocery money for betting on sports, the reverse is also true, that you must never use the money earned from sports betting to buy grocery for your home. This is important to remember if you wish to be a successful sports bettor in the long run.
Establishing and maintaining a bankroll implies deciding on a particular amount which you can always afford to lose. Hence, when you go about establishing a bankroll for a particular sports season, it involves breaking your overall budget/bankroll into months, weeks, days and per game. Majority of sports betting experts will advise you to never bet over 1% of your total bankroll in any particular game. Going beyond 1% would take that bet into a risky territory, while bets placed under 1% of the total bankroll can be termed as smart and conservative bets.
For instance, let’s say you decide to keep a total bankroll of £ 1000 for the entire English Premier League season. So you can’t go beyond £ 10 for any game of the season. Placing bets of that size would keep you from losing a lot of money on bad wagers, and yet help you stay profitable at the end of the season.
Another important bankroll strategy involves encouraging gamblers to not to try to make up their losses by betting huge amounts. Although your mind may push you to win back all your losses by doubling or tripling your bets in the next round, but such actions are more likely to result in even bigger losses. You should always bet within your bankroll limits and can marginally increase your bets if you enjoy some successes mid-way.

Bet only when you’re sober enough
There’s a commonly used expression in the sports betting world, referred to as “going on tilt”! Sports bettors, slot machine junkies and poker players are all vulnerable to it if they allow their emotions to get the better of them, making them veer away from the basic betting strategy. You should never indulge in sports betting if you’re not sober enough as the likelihood of going on tilt increases exponentially when you’re under influence of alcohol.
In this way, betting on sports can be likened to driving back from a party. You should avoid it if you’ve consumed alcohol and it isn’t safe enough. Visit any land-based sports book and you’re most likely to find a bar in the establishment – why do you think that bar exists? People tend to act emotionally and place unreasonable wagers when they’ve had too much to drink, and can’t make sound judgements. This puts their bankroll in jeopardy.
Please note, this principle isn’t applicable to alcohol alone. You must avoid indulging in sports betting if you’re extremely happy or angry, as such mental states can affect your judgement. Let’s say you’ve just had a pretty bad losing run and are almost on the verge of losing everything - that is just the right time you must stop and not place any more bets.

Do your homework
Easily the most important sports betting strategy you must learn and practice is doing your homework before placing any bets. Carrying out ample research before placing a bet involves shopping for best lines and handicapping teams. To tell you the truth, line shopping is in fact even more important than studying players and teams of the sport you’re betting on.