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This is the official trailer for the Norwegian coming-of-age comedy, Turn Me On Dammit! The trailer introduces Alma, the main character; her friends, Sara and Ingrid; and her crush, Artur. The trailer reveals many of the main themes and plot points of the movie to viewers without spoiling the ending for him or her.

Over the course of the trailer, viewers can see the girls’ negative attitudes toward their hometown, Alma’s sexual misadventures, and the social isolation Alma experiences as a result of her budding sexuality. The trailer shows important scenes such as Alma masturbating to a phone sex line, Alma and her friends flipping off the sign for their small town, Skoddeheimen, and major interactions between Alma and Artur. The trailer ends by showing some of the many positive reviews that the movie received from both European and American publications. Overall, the trailer conveys the sense of teenage sexual frustration and angst that director Jannicke Systad Jacobsen intends for the audience to feel during the film, drawing the viewer into Alma’s world.

Trailer Summary
The trailer begins with the scene where Alma’s mother discovers the massive phone bill that Alma has accrued by calling phone sex lines. In the snippet of this scene, Alma openly admits to her mother that the number she has been calling is for phone sex. Then, the trailer transitions to the opening scene where she masturbates to the phone sex line as her dog watches, looking somewhat horrified. The trailer then switches gears to introduce Skoddeheimen and Alma’s friends, showing the girls flipping off the sign for their town while saying “Welcome to Skoddeheimen, don’t get shitfaced.” Similarly, the following scenes show the girls being disillusioned with the town, transitioning into the party where Artur made his advance.

The scenes from the party begin with Alma, Sara, and Ingrid drinking beers on a bench. Then, in the party, the trailer shows Artur making eyes at Alma and then making his crude advance as Alma’s voiceover tells her friends about the incident. Then, Alma’s friends confront Artur about the incident, and he denies it. The trailer then transitions into a fantasy that Alma has with Artur, but it quickly moves into Ingrid chastising Alma for supposedly lying about the incident. The following scenes depict the bullying Alma endured as a result of the incident, including chants of “Dick Alma.” It also includes her mother remarking that Alma was “not quite normal.” The trailer then moves into the climax of the movie when Alma confronts Artur about his denial, shouting “admit it! You did it!” The trailer then moves into a montage of the film, ending with the title and credits.

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